10 Exciting South African Fashion Brands You Need to Know

The South African fashion industry is no doubt one of the leading fashion industries on the African continent as a result of the creative sense of fashion each stylist from the nation possesses. Each of the South African fashion brands one way or the other finds a special way to insert a piece of detail which relates to their heritage or culture into their collections. These South African fashion brands have showcased their collections with a mix of contemporary and urban detail both at home and at international fashion runway shows which in turn has resulted in them bringing home awards and also having their work at some of the best stores abroad. The Mercedes Benz fashion week in South Africa always brings freshest lifestyle beyond fashion and style. From MaXhosa by Laduma, to David Tlale to Pichulik – here are some of South African fashion brands you need to know about.

MaXhosa by Laduma

Exciting South African Fashion Brands: MaXhosa by Laduma
The monochrome world of MaXhosa. © MAXHOSA BY LADUMA/Instagram

This is one of the leading fashion brands in South Africa launched in 2011 by Laduma Ngxokolo, Who since the unveiling of the brand has been soaring high in the fashion business. Known to produce the finest collection of knitwear on the African continent, MaXhosa celebrates the rich culture of the Xhosa people and at the same time providing traditional clothing for Xhosa initiation rituals. MaXhosa pieces are stocked in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Tokyo and London.


Exciting South African Fashion Brands: PICHULIK
PICHULIK limited edition earrings + choker with a pineapple flava. © PICHULIK/Instagram

This is one of the most sorted accessory brand in South Africa known to produce an array of bespoke necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The brand which is inspired by a team of women led by Katherine-Mary Pichulik uses some of the best locally manufactured rope and other materials used in producing some of finest jewelries from South Africa and others are being sourced from other parts of Africa such as Wood beads, semi precious stones and metals. Pichulik has been seen on runways across the world and on Solange Knowles as well as the Williams sister.

David Tlale

Exciting South African Fashion Brands: David Tlale
David Tlale runway display at the New York Fashion Week. © David Tlale/Instagram

Laughed in 2003, the brand ‘David Tlale’ has won the heart of both fashion lovers and that of influencers within South Africa and beyond as a result of the brand’s mastery in creating some of the finest pieces of Couture with excellent sculptural detailing. David Tlale has showcased his collections of fine Couture both across South Africa, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Show New York back 2012 and other shows abroad.

Lukhanyo Mdingi

Exciting South African Fashion Brands: Lukhanyo Mdingi
© Lukhanyo Mdingi

Lukhanyo Mdingi is known to have created his first two collections while completing his degree in fashion at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. The young creative director believes in making powerful impact on the African landscape through his finely sourced and cut pieces with a style of insightful storytelling on the African heritage in each prevention and collection.

Laird Cherry

Exciting South African Fashion Brands: Amanda Laird Cherry Apparel
© Amanda Laird Cherry Apparel

This bespoke fashion line founded by Amanda Laird Cherry is known to produce some fine work of Couture from ladies wear, to men’s bespoke outfits as well shoes for the fashionable women. Amanda who studied Clothing Design and graduated in 1983, is known to tell her own personal stories through cloth and thread has been featured on some of the reputable media publications across South Africa and abroad such as Time Magazine, Y-Mag, British Vogue and others. She has also showcased her designs at the London Fashion Week Expo as well as others.

Thula Sindi

Exciting South African Fashion Brands: Thula Sindi
Off the shoulder Thula Sindi Batik dress. © thulasindi/instagram

Thula Sindi, sometimes called the King of fashion in South Africa produces the most sophisticated yet contemporary women’s Couture which are elegantly timeless and goes along with current fashion trends. Thula who happens to be a graduate of the National School of Arts, Johannesburg and also studied at the London International School of fashion has exhibited various collections of elegant women’s clothing at runway shows in South Africa, Lagos, New York as well as Paris in 2007.


Exciting South African Fashion Brands: Selfi
SELFI scarves. © ____selfi/instagram

Selfi is contemporary fashion line based in Capetown which reinvents traditional apparels and pays attention to every single detail on each wears produced. The brand which consists of a team 4 skilled women with expertise in the line of women’s couture and founded by Celeste Arendse, had exhibited it’s fine piece at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week both at Capetown and Johannesburg and they are also stocked in local and international stores.

Isabel de Villiers

Exciting South African Fashion Brands: Isabel de Villiers
Isabel de Villiers multi-tie dress. © Isabel de Villiers/Instagram

Isabel de Villiers is inspired by the African woman shape with an eye for quality garments and attention to plus size women, Isabel is known to produce some of the most beautiful ready to wear outfits. In other to ensure the exquisite quality of each her pieces, Isabel and her team women on produce small quantities for each collection.

Jenni Button

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in South Africa: Jenni Button

This is one of the most respected fashion brand in South Africa which caters to fashion needs of each of it’s clients with the most unique pieces of fabric which are cut and sewn with extreme care so as to bring out an exquisite end result. The brand which was founded by Jenni Button, operates from Capetown and only caters to the needs of women with the desire to wear something totally stunning and different from what could be found at stores with mass produced clothing. Her collections has been on the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Show in South Africa, while she has stores in Paris, New York and London respectively.

Simon and Mary

Exciting South African Fashion Brands: Simon and Mary
Simon and Mary Hats. © simonandmary/instagram

This line of head wear which has been passed from generation to generation for over 70 years is known to produce some of the best works of fine millinery both for men and women. According to the makers of this fine works of craftsmanship, the hats are much more than a piece of clothing item, but rather a way of life. Each piece pays tribute to the family traditions and values of the earliest makers of this brand dated back to 1935.

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