The 10 Best Restaurants in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Dire Dawa is a populous city located in Eastern Ethiopia. It is one of the most popular cities in the country after the capital, Addis Ababa. But what is a popular city within one of the most visited tourist countries on the African continent without some of the best restaurants with best Ethiopian food to compensate it’s visitors and locals? This is why we’ve decided curate some of the best restaurants in the city of Dire Dawa, Ethiopia just in case you get overwhelmed by the city’s energy and vibes. Some of the very best restaurants in this city includes Paradiso restaurant, Hind restaurant, Family snack restaurant among others which sure leaves a souvenir of it’s explicit services at the back each visitor’s mind. Here is our list of Top 10 Best Restaurants In Dire Dawa, Ethiopia:

Family Snack Restaurant

Family Snack Restaurant is the ideal place for an enormous plate of affordable good food. They’re known to serve the most filling and tasty salads as well as pasta which also comes along with salad by the side. The staff are dressed in colorful tribal outfits which represents the Ethiopian heritage and absolutely very welcoming with a smile on each of their faces every minute. The restaurant also has a reputation for serving the ice cold beers and cocktails of different flavors. Family Snack Restaurant is a good place for refreshment any day.

Paradiso Restaurant

ethiopian restaurant
Paradiso Restaurant, Dire Dawa – © Tripadvisor

Paradiso Restaurant is Italian restaurant located in Dire Dawa. It has a very fine and welcoming setting both on the interior and exterior. This is arguably on of the best spots in the city of Dire Dawa. They are known to serve some delicious Italian cuisines some of which are the spicy goat rice and Lasagna which most people seem to always rave about.

Hind Bar and Restaurant

Hind Bar and Restaurant is known to serve to serve a mix of both Indian and Ethiopian foods which are all very affordable in a clean environment. The staff here are always very welcoming. It’s good service and ambiance makes it the second favorite spot for locals and tourists after Paradiso restaurant which is the best in town.

Samrat Hotel

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Samrat hotel, Dire Dawal – © African Safari Tour

With two restaurants and a café, Samrat serves a mix of Ethiopian food and intercontinental cuisines as well as some Indian meals in a relaxing space.  Samrat Hotel has a nice café which serves an array of pizzas, snacks and some ice cold drinks to wash down each meal. Definitely a must visit when in Dire Dawa.

Menelaos Roast Chicken

Menelaos Roast Chicken Restaurant is one of the must visit places in Ethiopia. This restaurant specializes and serves only the best roasted chicken in the city of Dire Dawa. Most chicken lovers flood here so often to feed their cravings.

Peacock Bar and Restaurant

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Peacock Bar and Restaurant – © Travel Jumia

Peacock Bar and Restaurant is located within peacock hotel. This restaurant is trusted to serve different kinds of freshly made Ethiopian food and continental cuisines to both it’s visitors and locals as well. They’re also known to serve nice local drinks, cocktails and beers, depending on what visitors request. This restaurant is very popular among tourists in Dire Dawa.

African Village Hotel and Restaurant

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African Village Hotel and Restaurant – © TripAdvisor

African Village Hotel and Restaurant is located in the heart of Dire Dawa. They are known to serve amazing Ethiopian food and continental cuisines of various types all at a very affordable rate. This restaurant is set up in a very fine manner and in a strategic location. They also also serve chilled freshly squeezed fruit juices  to customers along with whichever meals are ordered.

Dini Paradise Café

Dini Paradise and Cafe is one of the most relaxing places in the city of Dire Dawa. Here, one can enjoy a quick cup of coffee and also hangout with a few friends. They are also known for their mouthwatering frappes.

Care Square Hotel and Restaurant

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Care Square Hotel and Restaurant – © african-safari-tour

Care Square Hotel and Restaurant happens to be one of the most quiet spots in the city of Dire Dawa. They serve traditional Ethiopian food and beverages with a very welcoming team of staffs. Their services are of high standards and totally affordable. It is a well organized restaurant with a beautiful interior and exterior.

Holly Café & Resturant

restaurants ethiopia
Holly Cafe & Restaurant

Holly Cafe and Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Dire Dawa. They serve various types of Ethiopian food and continental cuisines. This restaurant is located in a fine atmosphere. Their staff is welcoming and always pay attention to details.

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