The Calabar Carnival and Cultural Fiesta 2017

African Festivals | Calabar Carnival and Cultural Fiesta 2017

Africa is home to some of the best festivals and cultural events in the world, from huge carnivals and religious celebrations to smaller musical and harvest events. There is always festivals and events happening around the continent, and these African festivals are colourful and vibrant. The Calabar carnival is one of many festivals in Africa. Calabar carnival is a popular occasion held annually in Nigeria at Calabar, the capital of Cross River which shares borders with Cameroon.

Cross River is one of the most beautiful places within Nigeria which is laced with countless tourist destinations and attractions such as the Obudu Ranch Resort, Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary, Ikom waterfalls and a bunch of many other tourist destinations which has both locals and visitors from around the world in awe of the wonderful city.

Festivals in Africa: Calabar carnival festival 2017
calabar carnival festival 2017 © firstbanknigeria/flickr

The Calabar carnival is a 13 years old festival which was launched at it’s first showcase by the then current Governor of Cross River state “Donald Duke” back in December 2004 in other to promote state’s tourism and that of Nigeria as a whole which it did to the fullest. While the event promoted tourism both for Calabar and Nigeria as a whole, it also encouraged peace and friendship between different Nations from across world as different tourists grace the streets of the city during the festivities, which in return also boosts the Nigerian economy. It also creates an opportunity for different SMEs as they would have an opportunity to have more amount of sales and also network while the city gets to entertain it’s guests.

Calabar Carnival in Cross River State
calabar carnival festival 2017 © firstbanknigeria/flickr

The 2017 Edition of the carnival which took place in December hosted about 2 million tourists and visitors from 25 different countries across the world which makes Calabar the most visited state and tourist destination in Nigeria and Africa at large. The event which was stormed by tourists from across the world featured a lot fun filled activities from dances, to beauty pageants and live performances by Nigerian A list music artists.

Also spotted at the carnival was popular British Nigerian actor “John Boyega” who starred as ‘Finn’ in two series of The Star Wars film Star ‘The Force Awakens and it’s sequel ‘The Last Jedi’, as well as other known Nigerian actors Shan George, Ime Bishop Umoh popularly known as ‘Okon’, Rachel Oniga amongst many others.

The streets of Calabar was packed with thousands of tourists being entertained by various dance groups in colorful costumes as well as music bands that played to the hearing of both the visitors and the dancers on the streets. The streets of Calabar were also stormed with bikers from across borders during the Bikers Carnival which is part of the event program. The Ekpe masquerade festival was also one of the many highlights of the carnival as different masquerades danced the beat of local drums around the city while exhibiting the cultural heritage of the Calabar people to the world.

The former Governor of Cross River state ‘Donald Duke’ also graced the carnival with his team of bikers and his wife as well as some other notable people from across the country. It was no doubt one of the most amazing festivals in Nigeria at the time.

festival 2017
calabar carnival festival 2017 © firstbanknigeria/flickr

One of the most cherished highlights of the carnival is that of the beauty pageant, where the most beautiful ladies in the city of Calabar competed against each other to find most attractive and most intelligent woman in the city who after winning the competition, will be representing the city at competitions both home and abroad. The carnival sure left a mark in the hearts of it’s audience.

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Accra, Ghana: The Top 5 African Art Blogs You Need To Know About

Afrogallonism: Serge Attukwei Clottey | African Art Blogs Accra

Art overtime has become a perfect tool on storytelling in capable hands. One can look at a piece and see a story captivating, and holding an essentiality to culture. Here’s Afrogallonism by Serge Attukwei Clottey and other top African art blogs you need to know about. These amazing blogs with Accra network are known to be promoting African art and culture.


Afrogallonism is an art concept created and authored by the Accra indegene and resident Serge Attukwei Clottey. Afrogallonism is one full of live interactive, illustrative and descriptive art portraying artistic, educational and social areas. Using the famous yellow colour of Ghana, the curator is returning used plastic refuse in the form of beautiful masks and mask-like sculptures that take on haunting human expressions.

Time Out: Accra || Art And Culture in Accra

The Time Out blog which generally renders a wide range of knowledge about African nations portrays varied aspects of Accra’s arts and culture through publications of art events, art spots like galleries to help keep in touch with Accra arts and render a realistic experience of Accra’s art and cultural history, spotlighting individuals who have expressed art in unique ways and also created spaces to retain a connection with arts, publication of books and music and landscape pieces that shine a torch to Accra art and culture.


This blog is owned by Sami Bentil, it translates the history of Accra through Sami’s experiences using art; detailing the struggle for and acquisition of independence.

Expat by Isa

This blog which sheds light on Africa and the rest of the continent, life in Accra and discovery through Isa’s eyes also discusses Accra arts and craft with reference to food, fabric, clothing, and art centers; all things which show the relevance of Accra art history.

Nzubuke Foundation Blog

This blog shares experience on Accra culture. It promotes visual art, culture and heritage. The blog highlights the physical advantages of the foundation ranging from community projects, workshops, exhibitions on art and culture, and heritage and history.

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All About the African Arts and Crafts (AFAC) Expo, 2017

African craft expo: African arts and culture national council

The African Craft Expo is organized by the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) every year and this year wasn’t different. The African Craft Expo 2017 edition was announced as the 10th edition and was to be held between August 27th and September 17th in Abuja at the National Council for Arts and Culture permanent site known popularly as the Arts and Crafts Center. An arts and culture event with performances from both local and global talents promoting and celebrating African arts. The event held at the Art and craft village in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

The African Craft Expo is a yearly event organized by the National Council for Arts and Culture to showcase art and culture of Africa in all its beauty and glory and each year efforts are made to make the next better than the last in aspects of exposure, participation, media coverage and so on. The director of the National Council for Arts and Culture, Director General Otunba Olusegun promised that the Expo will give a lift to tourism sector in Nigeria. No stone was left unturned during the preparations leading to this event as a whole lot of innovation and creativity were being put in towards making this event an ultimate success. Preparations for these series of events begun in August and a lot of time and effort were put into the planning of this event.

African craft expo: African arts and culture national council
Cultural music display at 2017 African Arts And Crafts (AFAC) Expo. ©

The 2017 theme for this year’s expo was “OUR CULTURE NIGERIA CRAFT: THE UNTAPPED TREASURE” this was said to be carefully selected to draw attention to the vast opportunities in the sector of art and craft and mobilize Nigerians to take advantage of the opportunities for empowerment, personal  and economic development in Nigeria. The NCAC claimed the expo will reposition arts and culture sector in Africa as a continent and to strategically drive the process of economic diversification as 17 countries and 20 states in Nigeria took part in exhibitions.

The expo begun exhibitions formally on September 5th and ended on the 17th. For three weeks doors were open to all as showcasing art from all over the country and beyond. A new look was given to the arts and craft village. Information stands, mobile toilets, 24 hour security coverage and so on were put in place. Also free medical test and treatments for the public with a number of healthcare providers put up a service that benefited over 2,000 persons based on statics as people had clinical eye tests performed on them, dental care was also available.

Some of the participating African countries such as Cameroon, Senegal, Mali and Ghana mounted their stands at the African Arts and Crafts (AFAC) Expo displaying works of art for patronizing art enthusiasts who visited the stands purchasing throughout the days of the event. Also a number of entertainers, musical acts and cultural groups entertained the people with culinary tourism alongside as a wide variety of delicious dishes both local and foreign available for purchase. On the last day of the Expo a lively atmosphere likened to that of a festival or carnival which ushered a lot of people from different sectors coming out to interact and support the art scene. Governors and Chair persons of different states and organizations were present enjoying themselves making them look forward to another opportunity to express art and culture.

The African Craft Expo 2017 organized by the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC), was hugely successful as many testified to it, it served as a benchmark as both participators, tourists, media houses, art vendors and so on both locally and internationally benefited positively and left well satisfied looking to next year’s expo.

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5 Incredible Must-See Museums in Kenya

Things to do in Kenya Nairobi National Museum

Kenya is a tropical country located in East Africa which is very rich in culture and welcomes lots of tourists. It encompasses savannah, mountain highlands and Lakeland. It is one of the best places in the world which homes wildlife like rhinos, lions and elephants. Visiting a museum is one of the best things to do especially during holidays or vacations. We’ve put together a few of the best museum destinations in Kenya where tourists can visit to explore and find bits and pieces of information about the history of Kenya. Looking for things to do in Kenya? Here are 5 incredible must-See museums in Kenya.

Abasuba Community Peace Museum

Things to do in Kenya Nairobi National Museum
Abasuba Community Peace Museum, Mfangano Island – © Heather Scott/flicker

This museum is located near the shores of Mfangano island and was established back in 2000 in other to promote and protect the cultural and natural heritage of the Abasuba people. The museum boasts of a beautiful community centre, museum gallery and a community library as a reference the grant it received from the Kenyan Tourism Trust Fund.

Fort Jesus Museum, Mombasa

museums in kenya Fort Jesus Museum
Fort Jesus Museum – © Watalii/pinterest

This is one of the finest museums in Kenya which was built around 1593 by the order of King Philip 1 of the Portuguese in order to guard the old port of Mombasa. The museum houses collections of archaeological artifacts from the port and also some chilling stories about slavery. Tourists can get a view of the old town and also the beach which is not so far from the museum.

Hyrax Hill Museum

museums in kenya Fort Jesus Museum
Hyrax Hill Museum Kenya – © TripAdvisor

This museum, located at Nakura, is a prehistoric site which was opened to the public in 1965 as a result of startling discoveries of relics by Mrs. Selfe and archaeological excavations by Mary Leakey back in 1938. Tourists visiting the museum can get an amazing view of the lake and wildlife from the museum. The museum also houses one of the oldest tortoise in the world which is over 100 years. This is a good destination in Kenya.

Nairobi National Museum

Things to do in Kenya Nairobi National Museum
Nairobi National Museum – © meaduva/flickr

This museum was initiated by a group of naturalists as far back as 1910. It houses celebrated collections of Kenya’s nature, culture, history and contemporary art. The museum is also treats visiting tourists to a variety of shopping and dinning facilities. This is one of the best places to go when visiting Kenya.

Malindi Museum

Kenya Tourism museums in kenya Fort Jesus Museum
Malindi Museum – © Stefano Negri/flickr

This is a two roomed museum located in Malindi, Kenya and it houses lots of artifacts, maps and a lesson in the history of East Africa before modern day colonialists came. The museum preserves the culture of the Malindi people and it’s environs which goes as far back as five centuries.

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The 5 Most Iconic Cultural Festivals in Nigeria

Cultural Festivals in Nigeria

Festivals are essential and special events which are being celebrated by a community with in a particular village which focuses on a particular characteristic occurrence in the community such as the new yam festival, Eid, Sango festival, Eyo festival, Argungu festival, and many others. Our main focus is on the major festivals being celebrated within Nigeria. Looking for local things to do in Nigeria? Here are 5 most iconic cultural festivals in Nigeria.

Eyo Festival

Cultural Festivals in Nigeria: Eyo festival
Eyo Festival – © kunle ogunfuyi/flickr

This festival is know and being celebrated by the people of Lagos island popularly known as “Eko” which means Hinterland of Lagos. The Eyo festival is held to escort the departed soul of the Lagos King and to also usher in a new King. During this festival, white clad masquerades are being seen dancing with staffs called “Opa Ambata” and these masquerades represent the spirits of the dead and are also referred to as “Agogoro Eyo” (Tall Eyo) in Yoruba language.

Argungu Festival

Cultural Festivals in Nigeria: Argungu festival
Argungu Fishing Festival, Kebbi State, Nigéria – © gvizane/flickr

The Argungu festival is one of the major fishing festivals being held annually for a duration of four days in kebbi state which is located in the northern region of Nigeria. The major purpose of the festival is for fishing and also to promote unity amongst the people. Various people travel from various parts of the world to experience this festival which began in the year 1934 as a mark of the end of the hostility between the Sokoto caliphate and the Kebbi Kingdom. The festival is now one of the major festival which both people from within Nigeria and abroad look forward to annually. Thanks main even of the festival is the competition between over 30,000 fishermen who go into the Mata Fada river in search of the biggest fish and who ever gets the biggest catch goes home with over $7,500 in cash.

New Yam Festival

Cultural Festivals in Nigeria: New yam festival
Igbo dancers at the New Yam Festival – © jujufilm/flickr

This is an annual cultural festival which is held at the end of the rainy season in the month of August by the igbo people. The festival symbolizes the conclusion of a harvest. This festival is being celebrated with a feast of new yam and an offering is also being made to the spirits of the field with reference to the presiding deity of the team crop. This ritual is being performed by eldest man in the community by offering the yams to God, deities and ancestors by showing gratitude to God for his continuous protection and kindness in leading them from season to season without results of deaths and hunger.

Oro Festival

Cultural Festivals in Nigeria: Oro festival
Oro festival – ©

The oro festival is one of the major cultural festivals in Nigeria – a ritual celebrated by specific towns in the Yoruba origin. The Oro festival is a celebration of the passing away of a notable personality. This ritual is being celebrated by male descendants who are paternal natives of the specific town celebrating the event taking. It is said that women and none natives of the town celebrating this festival must stay indoors as the ritual must not be seen by these people.

Igue Festival

Cultural Festivals in Nigeria: Igue festival
Igue Festival, Benin, Edo state, Nigeria – © Kunle Ogunfuyi/flickr

The igue festival is known to be celebrated amongst the Benin people. The festival which is being celebrated between Christmas and New year is being done to renew Oba Ewuare’s magical powers. The Oba is being prohibited to be in the presence of a non native person during the ritual season.

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African Artists Foundation in Nigeria

African Artists

The African Artists Foundation (AAF) based in Lagos was founded in 2007 by Azu Nwagbogu to promote Art and Artists. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting contemporary art in Africa and it has an exhibition gallery located on Lagos Island. Azu Nwagbogu is founder and director of the African Artists’ Foundation and Lagos Photo Festival an annual international arts festival of photography.

Nigerian contemporary art
The Red Cap Chiefs (2012) – © Obinna Makata

The foundation serves a role in the world of art and organizing and educating young artists by providing much needed assistance and a platform that encourages artistry and creativity amongst young upcoming artists and old artists. The African Artists Foundation hosts a couple of yearly events, art exhibitions; festivals, workshops, competitions and residencies such as the Lagos photo Festival which began in 2010 the only international arts festival of photography in Nigeria; the Youth Empowerment through Contemporary Art (YECA); Capacity Development Integration (CDI); Art Based Africa (ABA) and many others.

The Lagos Photo Festival is one of the yearly events hosted by the African Artists Foundation, it is internationally recognized. The festival includes workshops, exhibitions, artist presentations and discussions. Large scale outdoor prints are displayed throughout the month of the festival. The festival brings leading local and international photographers into dialogue. The Selphy street photography is held in partnership with Canon photography exploring street art through photographs in a workshop that will teach students the basic rules of photography and also the rules of street photography. It also includes taking students into the streets to practice their gained photography skills and knowledge.

The National Art Foundation Competition was founded in 2008 by the African Artists Foundation. It is an annual arts competition that aims to showcase African art and emerging African artists with their original works. There was also a segment dedicated to children which held in 2015 where cash prizes were given out to winners. The African Artists Foundation also has a special platform for Female Artists called the Female Artists’ Platform where female artists can submit their works for a chance to be exhibited, this encourages young upcoming female artists to spread their wings in the world of Art.

The foundation works with other foundations to create events that promote creativity such as the Lagos photo foundation and Rush gallery collaboration to promote visual culture of Africa through people and art. Also the foundation launched a platform to promote art and health to the overall benefit of the people of Africa.

The African Artists Foundation Gallery is a jewel sitting amidst the chaos of Lagos. It is a space dedicated to the showcase of African Art showing how it transcends and vary from artist to artist. The Ambience is calm and the doors of this gallery is open to film screening, art exhibitions, book readings and small book launching, signing parties and so on. There is also an open house for art lovers to visit and explore the gallery that houses a lot of beautiful pieces by very amazingly talented artists.

The promotion of Art by the African Artists Foundation has put Nigeria in the art scene both locally and internationally promoting indigenous artistry and originality.

Chale Wote Street Arts Festival, Ghana (Photos)

Chale Wote Street Arts Festival

Chale Wote Street Arts Festival: Chale Wote Street Arts Festival might be all the reason you ever needed to come to Ghana. This is an event worth experiencing. The CHALE WOTE is an alternative platform that brings art, music, dance and performance out into the streets of the historical Jamestown, Ghana on the High Street in Accra. Considered by many as best Ghana festival, this festival has led the transformation of the city of Accra into the one of the biggest cultural production hubs of West Africa, and has gone to inspire similar and various Ghana festivals across the country.

Since 2011, CHALE WOTE has seen Ghana-based and international artists engaging in processions, street painting, live performances, extreme sports, films screenings, spoken word, interactive art installations, jam sessions and much more. A platform for local upcoming artists to present themselves to the world – artists within the city using the festival to give Accra a facelift. This is a premier arts event worthy of a calendar space in your agenda!

Street Arts Festival
Work by @mohawudu & @nicowayo on Brazil Lane at Chale Wote 2017. Photo: @niikotei & @abdularafat_
Comfort Arthur used her “Naughty Nii” animations as a revolt to the norm of western animation that flood our screens and libraries
Work by Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi performed at the James Fort Prison in Jamestown. Photo: @niikotei
Wata Women: some of the women artists, writers, researchers and filmmakers for #ChaleWote2017
@crazinist_artist & John Herman performing Bond[H20] at Chale Wote. Photo: @abdularafat_
Scene from 2017 Chale Wote opening exhibition. Photo: niikotei

Powerful Aquae triptych by Alex Osei-Bonsu

3D inspired work of Quentin VerCetty inside Brazil House.
Yvette Nsiah’s colorful mosaic panels embedded with portraits of black women
Performers thrilling the street as they navigate the #WataMata. Photo: @niikotei
A Consciousness Project by Latifah Iddriss, installed inside Ussher Fort for Chale Wote 2017. Photo: @latifah_iddriss
Kwame Boafo (@kwameboafo_) performing his piece, Daze at Chale Wote 2017. Photo: @abdularafat_
Night jamming session at Mantse Agbonaa. Photo: @niikotei
Mix of artists talking, film screenings, special workshops, DJ mixers and performances. Photo: @niikotei
Ghana Street Arts Festival

Soundspiration by Adeola Balogun

Soundspiration Adeola Balogun

Soundspiration by Adeola Balogun: Soundspiration is a solo exhibition by Nigerian artist Adeola Balogun, that offers an opportunity and experience to examine the wide variety of media that he skillfully manipulates. An exhibition that adds to a deeper understanding of Adeola’s technique and working methods.

Adeola Balogun (born 1966) in Ota, Ogun State,Nigeria. He had his MFA degree in 2003/4 at the University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State, and HND in 1993/4 at Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. Balogun holds an eminent place among Nigerian contemporary art – he is currently one of the most exciting sculptors working in Nigeria Adeola Balogun’s work has made it to several important collections. He has also participated in several significant group exhibitions locally and internationally. He is a member of the Society of Nigerian Artists.

Since May 3 to 17, 2013, Omenka Gallery (Lagos, Nigeria), has been presenting Soundspiration – an exhibition of sculptures and sound installation by Adeola Balogun, one of Nigeria’s remarkable contemporary sculptors. The exhibition features largely contorted forms of musicians and dancers who handle real musical instruments such as the violin, saxophone and talking-drums in simulated performance, underscoring the artist’s enchantment over the years with music as the vehicle of thoughtful reflection.

Soundspiration Adeola Balogun
Endless Gyration, 2012, woven, shredded tyres and mild steel. © Omenka Gallery
Vestige of Dad’s Gramophone (veiled series), 2012, mixed media. © Omenka Gallery
Endurance II, 2012, bronze. © Omenka Gallery
Self Healing, 2012, mixed media. © Omenka Gallery
Endurance I, 2012, tyres. © Omenka Gallery
Evergreen Re-Mixed, 2012, mixed media. © Omenka Gallery
Accompained, 2013, goje and mild steel. © Omenka Gallery
I Want To Know, 2012, mixed media. © Omenka Gallery

Images are courtesy of Omenka Gallery.

Biko Wesa: Kenyan Artist and Documentary Photographer

Biko Wesa (born 1992), is Kenyan artist and documentary photographer. His work focuses on issues related to identity, cultural anthropology and emerging issues. He began his photography career in 2012, and later he started pursuing personal projects. Today in Kenyan contemporary art, Biko Wesa is a name associated with Kenyan photography.

Biki shares some of his works on his Instagram account. Travel and documentary photos that depicts important culture aspect of inner Kenya’s coastal regions.

A portrait of Patrick Mukabi(Panye) standing against a @lupitanyongo mural by @bankslave outside The Go Down Arts Centre in Nairobi
Kids – the playmakers

Kilifi, Biko Wesa’s hometown
Going over river Sabaki
Children attending a library session in the Smallest Library in Africa in Mugure Slums, Nairobi, an initiative started by Cyril Peter Otieno
This is what freedom looks like
Colourful boats dock at the Lamu sea front on a full moon night
Under the Buntwani jetty in Malinda, Kenya

Biko Wesa

Instagram: @bikowesa


Workshops & Portfolio Reviews:

2017 New York Times Portfolio Review

2016  World  Press  Photo: East  Africa

2015  Tufts University & Open Society Foundation

2015 Canon

Exhibitions & Presentations:

2017 Smallest  Library  in  Africa:  Photoville(New  York)

2017 Smallest Library inAfrica: Baruch College(New York)

2017 More Than Pain:Baruch College(NewYork)

2016 More Than Pain:Museum of Drug Policy(New York)

2016  Photos 2014-2016: Musafir

2015 World Vision International – Child Health Care in Bamba, Kilifi: African Union HQ(Addis Ababa)

African Artists Shine At Made In America Festival

Made In America Festival

Afrobeat: from Nigeria, to Ghana, to Sierra Leone, African artists represented the African sound well represented at the 2017 Made In America Festival. African music came alive!

Made In America
Kevin Mazur/Getty

Day 1 of the Festival proved to be muddy and wet, but saw Sampha from the Rocky Stage treating Festival-goers to an eclectic mix of his fan favourites, including “Timmy’s Prayer,” and “No One Knows Me Like The Piano.” The energetic crowd later sang along as the London-based Sierra Leone native launched into his infamous hook from Drake’s “Too Much.”

Made In America festival
Lisa Lake/Getty

Ghanaian-British grime artiste Stormzy closed out the TIDAL stage with a high-energy set that included a noteworthy performance of his popular 2015 single, “First Things First,” as well as “Big For Your Boots,” from his sophomore album, Gang Signs & Prayer, released earlier this year.

Made In America concert

With the forecast promising nothing but warmth and sun for Sunday (Sept. 3), Nigerian multi-talented songstress and actress Tiwa Savage lit up the Liberty stage and provided a majestic show that had the entire audience in sync. For her Made In America debut, Tiwa was outfitted in a beautifully designed, multi-print short set paired with a black tulle accessory trimmed in pink. Tiwa wowed the crowd with breathtaking performances of “All Over” and “My Darlin.” She later surprised the crowd by bringing out fellow Roc Nation signee and Congolese rapper, Young Paris, for a performance of “Best of Me (Remix).”

One artist who has had an impressive run in the last 12 months, is Maleek Berry. Berry kept the momentum going as graced the TIDAL stage, and doused the crowd with a flurry of bangers like “On Fire” and “Been Calling.” Maleek also brought out YCee for a performance of their summer banger “Juice,” before he sent the audience into a frenzy with a surprise guest appearance from veteran Philly rapper Freeway.

African music stars on the ground at the Budweiser Made in America:

Stormzy performing at Made in America


Tiwa Savage and her dancers for Made in America festival
Maleek Berry and Philly rapper, Freeway
Maleek Berry and Ycee performing ‘Juice’ at Made in America festival
Tiwa Savage in her stunning outfit
Young Paris performing at 2017 Made in America festival
African Artists Made In America Festival
Mavin Records official DJ, Dj Big N and Tiwa Savage
Made In America lineup
Young Paris and Tiwa Savage
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