Wizkid – Afrobeats Star Makes History and Shut Down London

Wizkid - Afrobeats Star Makes History and Shut Down London

2017 was been a good year for Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun the Nigerian musical sensation popularly known as Wizkid who seems to be having a lot of success this year. As we all recall this talented singer dropped out of school where he was studying International Relations to make a way for himself in the Nigerian Music Industry building a successful career so far.  His decision which may have not seemed sensible at the time have proven to be right decision as he has named a name for himself as the “STARBOY” of Nigeria. Starboy Wizkid made history in London as the afrobeats singer becomes the first African artist to headline a sold-out show at the venue – Royal Albert Hall, London.

Wizkid - Afrobeats Star the first African artist to headline at the Albert Hall

His talent has taken him well far off the shores of Nigeria to foreign countries such as other African countries and European countries also.  He has also featured international acts like the likes of Drake, Aka, Tinie Tempah, Wale and so on, since his “one dance” and “come closer” hits where he featured with internationally recognized rapper and singer Drake of OVO sound, Wizkid’s luck has changed for the better opening doors for success outside Africa. He has gone mainstream from just a Nigerian in-country sensation to a worldwide recognized artist having shows across countries making him a Sony Records priority. He recently was declared number one music act in Africa when he won the BET Award Best International Act: Africa’ in Los Angeles, California beating Tekno, Aka, Stonebwoy, David, Nasty C and others who were also nominated in the category making it 44 awards he has received with a total of 157 nominations as of June 2017.

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He added another achievement to his list of achievements on the 29th of September, 2017 when he shut down the Royal Albert Hall in London making history for African Afrobeats music. This 27 year old Nigerian artist is the first African Artist to headline a sold out show at the Royal Albert Hall making him the face of afrobeats in Africa. The venue was packed with fans as the off-balcony was open to accommodate the overflow. The hall was filled with over five thousand loyal fans for two whole hours of non-stop music. This show was a part of the hall’s Albert Sessions which gives an upcoming act an opportunity to play sharing their expertise with young adults from schools across London.

Starboy Wizkid performing at Royal Albert Hall
Starboy Wizkid at Royal Albert Hall, London. © wizkidayo/instagram

The show opened with the UK rapper Yxng Bane, Wizkid followed later electrifying the stage with his sounds, his opening song “sweet love” from his new album “Sounds from the Other Side” started his show followed by his well-known hits which is a favorite of his fans such as “love my baby”, “Daddy Yo”. The crowd as a whole is in sync with him singing the Afrocentric “Ojueleba”,” Jaiye Jaiye” word for word as loyal fans that they are, also a duet with Wande Coal performing Iskaba and many more.

Wizkid has taken live performance to another level it is seen in the way he connects with his audience of more than five thousand people, where international acts such as Tinnie Tempah where in attendance. Wizkid is vastly becoming as internationally acclaimed as Fela Kuti was in his time. This is the time for Wizkid “Daddy yo” as he has created nothing short of Magic and he has gotten recognition from the big shots in the music and entertainment industry as a whole as the likes of Don Jazzy, Mo’ Abudu and a host of others are all proud of him as he is representing the country Nigeria well.


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Top Gospel Artists in Ghana You Should Know

Music is food for the mind and soul which helps in expressing that which cannot be said by most people and also offers solace and relief to those who listen. Gospel music on the other hand helps most people in worshipping and praising their creator one way or the other joyously. We’ve specially curated a number of the top gospel artists Ghana has produced so far who happens to have released mind-blowing gospel songs for praise and worships. Here’s our selection of 5 top gospel singers in Ghana you should know;

Bernice Offei

Ghanian gospel artists: Bernice Offei
Bernice Offei. © inFocos GH/YouTube

Bernice Offei is a multi award winning Ghanaian music artist who has successfully released 6 albums since she started her musical career, some of which are Hold on, Life, Grateful, Me Kosu amongst others. Her 6th studio album “Life” won her 2 awards during the 10th Edition of the MTN Ghana Music Awards as the song writer of the year and Best Vocal female performer. She is one of the most accomplished gospel musicians in Ghana.

Charles Kwadwo Fosuh

Ghanian gospel artists: Charles Kwadwo Fosuh
Charles Kwadwo Fosuh – © officialdaddylumba/instagram

Charles Kwadwo Fosuh also known by his stage name Daddy Lumba is one of Ghana’s best gospel singers who comes from the Ashanti region of Ghana. He has successfully released over 13 albums since he kick started his career in music, some of which are Asee Ho in 2002, Awoso 2017 and many others. He bagged home 3 awards in the year 1999 at the Ghana Music Awards which includes Artist of the Year, Best album, and Most popular song of the year.


Gospel singers: Preachers gospel music group
Preachers – © preachersgh/instagram

Ghanaian gospel music group, Preachers are one of the best gospel musicians Ghana has produced so far. The group which consists of 3 talented music artists namely Obed Psych, Emani Beats, and Edmund Baidoo have successfully released a bunch of gospel songs such as Too old in the head, Just don’t complain, Who do you love etc. They introduced urban gospel genre in Ghana through their kind of music and have continued to use their talent to also spread the word of God.

Heavens Connection

Heavens Connection: Ghanaian gospel musicians
© Heavens Connection/facebook

Heavens Connection is a Ghanian-rap gospel music group which consists of 3 artists namely the Christ Junkie, Ian Jazzi and Psalm 1. They created a new wave of gospel music with their gospel rap style of music in Ghana which made them the first gospel rap group in their country.

(Late) Comfort Annor

Comfort Annor made amazing gospel songs
Comfort Annor – © ghanafame

Comfort Annor was a raving Ghanaian gospel musician while she was alive with her outstanding soothing voice which alternates between Mezzo-soprano and a contralto in the early 90s. She’s known for her top releases such as Akode Biara, Dom Hene, Di wo hene and other mind-blowing gospel songs.

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5 of The Hottest Hip Hop Artists in Africa

Best Hip Hop Artists. Cassper Nyovest

Growing up, you must have listened to rappers like Tupac, Notorious, Nas, and Ice Cube etc. Not necessarily choices made by myself but these were the records your family siblings, friends or your surroundings played, so naturally as an adult, you might gravitated towards hip hop. If there were African hip hop artists then, many never heard about them or embraced it. However, hip hop music all in Africa is not the same. Each region has its own style, but each still retains elements that makes it hip hop. Best Hip Hop Artists: Here is a list of the hottest hip-hop artists in the different regions of Africa:

Cassper Nyovest (South Africa)

African Rappers. Cassper Nyovest
Cassper Nyovest – © casspernyovest/instagram

The South African hip-hop is more politically charged and socially conscious and Cassper Nyovest represents this. Personally, this man can hold his ground and even best any foreign rapper out there. The maturity, consciousness and delivery of his lyrics for me is unparalleled. One of this best rappers of this generation.

Olamide (Nigeria)

African Rappers. Olamide
Olamide – © baddosneh/instagram

The Nigerian music Industry is more about parties and fun. Olamide needs no introduction. Within a relatively short span he has dominated the air waves. From melancholic tunes like Melo melo to party hits like Shakiti Bobo. Badoo has just been too consistent since the release of his first studio album Rapsodi in 2011. His recent song “WO” which although has been banned is still receiving massive patronage. Olamide doesn’t disappoint.

Khaligraph Jones (Kenya)

African Hip Hop. Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones – © khaligraph_jones/instagram

In Kenya hip hop is more localized and involves the heavy use of Swahili and English which are the official languages of Kenya. Local dialects also feature heavily. Khaligraph raps fluent in both Swahili and English and uses his music as a form of expression of the hard times he faced while growing up in Nairobi. He may not be that popular in other parts of Africa but he’s holding it down in East Africa.

Sarkodie (Ghana)

Best Hip Hop Artists. Sarkodie
Sarkodie – © sarkodie/instagram

In recent years there has been an increased demand from the Ghanaian population for hip hop music and Sarkodie is at the forefront when it comes to the delivery. Known for his fast rapping style, he delivers his songs in his native twi tongue, English and Pidgin English. He has major collaborations with Nigerian artistes such as Wizkid, M.I, and Ice Prince Etc. Though most times I can’t understand what he’s saying, he sounds pretty good to me.

Don Bigg (Morocco)

Best Hip Hop Artists. Don Biggs
Don Bigg – © donbiggofficial/instagram

Obviously much of the English speaking world know little about Don Bigg but in North Africa, this guy is a big deal. Famed for his raw and outspoken style, Don Bigg is one of the few Arab hip-hop artiste’s successfully exporting Moroccan rap to the rest of the world. He has toured Europe and the Middle East extensively. With a law degree and three year practice experience, international TV channels produce programs with musical and political debates as themes for Don Bigg.

Well this is just a glimpse at one of the fastest growing music industry in the world. From Nigeria to Kenya to the Arab Morocco. Hip hop is a universal language and Africa is fluent.

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“Everything You Think You Know About Africa Is Wrong” – Diplo


Diplo discussed his visit to Nigeria while on tour in Africa, in a new interview with GQ Magazine. In his Africa Tours, Diplo uncovered some amazing discoveries about this beautiful continent.

On Africa Tours With Diplo.


Diplo who is an American record producer and lead member of the dancehall music project Major Lazer, and co-creator of Jack Ü visited Lagos back in April while on DJ tour of Africa. He played shows in Nairobi, Lagos, Kampala, Addis Ababa, and Johannesburg.

Diplo discussed being skeptical to visit Nigeria from the conversation he had with Shaggy and Sean Paul. He said:

Everybody always warned me not to go to Nigeria to do shows. All the reggae artists—I remember having a conversation years ago with Sean Paul and Shaggy about Nigeria. Sean Paul’s like, ‘I was going through Nigeria and they put these cactuses up in front of the stage. People just stood on the cactuses trying to get onstage until guys with guns batted them in the head to get ’em off.’ And Shaggy’s like, ‘I got a better story. My first tour in Nigeria, they had a fence up around the venue, and the crowd was so crazy, they were shaking the fence. The police were afraid, so they sent the dogs out on the people to break up the crowd. And then one dog came back over the fence dead. They killed the dog and threw it back over the fence.’ So that was what I knew. I’d never been to Africa, besides South Africa, and everybody in South Africa calls it fake Africa.”

He talked about the impact of Nigerian music on the global music scene, saying:

“Nigeria has this huge diaspora, like Jamaica. Nigerians live everywhere: England, L.A., New York. Nigerians have had a huge impact on music in the last ten years. Like the UK funky stuff that ended up becoming “One Dance” by Drake. And then, over the last three or four years, Nigerians have been taking over with this new Afro-pop movement.”

He continued, liking Lagos to being the Atlanta of Africa:

“One hundred percent. I didn’t know this before I got there, but the music scene is amazing because they have pop stations—you’re gonna hear Bieber and Katy Perry. Then they have all the hip-hop and R&B—“Bad and Boujee” was a hit in Lagos before America. Then they have all the Nigerian stuff—the Afro-pop like Davido, Wizkid, Mr Eazi. And then they also have legacy stuff, like Fela Kuti and Femi Kuti, palm-wine music, and highlife. It’s crazy.”

For Diplo, it wasn’t about money. It was all about the authentic African experience. He said:

“…I feel like it’s a no-brainer. Coachella, Vegas, all those things are gonna be there. Touring Africa is something you have to work towards. That’s why I became a DJ. That’s why I even wanted to make music, so I could do things like go to Africa and perform. I’d rather invest in experiences like this, rather than putting it back into my own ego.”

In the article on Diplo’s Africa Tours, he talked about Africa, his love for music beyond Europe and America. He also talked about Rihanna, saying “I just want her on a Major Lazer song. She’s like the one artist that we can’t ever get.”

Read the full interview HERE

Diplo Shows Us What’s In His Travel Bag While On Tour In Africa. Watch Now:

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PON PON: The Vanguard Of New African Sound


PON PON – The Vanguard Of New African Sound: Pon Pon, the current sound dominating African music on the mainstream can arguably be accredited to Ghana. A sound that is being popularized by Nigeria, and has gone to churn out continental anthems.

#PONPON | “Sounds From The Adugbo Side.”

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Africa has a rich musical culture and history, from the Highlife Age to the Nigeria’s Afrobeat scene of the 1970s. It’s no surprise that Nigeria is at the forefront of globalizing the African sound (new Afrobeat, Afropop). A nation that has been home to most of the greatest African songs to have appealed to the American and European music landscape.

However, the credit is not limited to Nigeria alone, the success of these recent global recognitions of African music is a collective sound transformation in the continent. Spearheaded through borrowing and fusion of sounds from and within the countries of the African continent.

  1. Runtown – Mad Over You
  2. Davido – If
  3. Tekno – Pana

See at Notjustok the producers who started the #PonPon trend and the artistes that had monster hits from it.

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Nigerian Superstar, Wizkid Fights Man For Taking Picture Of Him At A Club (Video)

wizkid fights

Nigerian Superstar, Wizkid Fights Man For Taking Picture Of Him At A Club (Video)

Popular Nigerian Superstar and Musician, Wizkid has been caught on camera fighting with a man inside a club after the man took pictures of him. Wizkid reportedly arrived Nigeria not quite long ago and went to have some fun at a club.

All was going well until he noticed that a guy had taken a picture of him. They were filmed punching each other until they were separated. See video below.

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Rolling Stone Reviews Wizkid’s “Sounds From The Other Side”


Rolling Stone Reviews Wizkid’s “Sounds From The Other Side”

Sounds From The Other Side: Twenty-seven-year-old Nigerian production wunderkind Wizkid found an international audience with his appearance on Drake’s worldly megahit “One Dance”. On his own, Wizkid turns his Afropop into a meeting point for a host of party-starting dance styles, getting a dancehall assist from Major Lazer on “Naughty Ride,” bringing in Chris Brown for the reggaeton-inflected “African Bad Gyal” and hooking back up with Drake for the sensual “Come Closer.”

Rolling Stone’s review of Wizkid’s Sounds From The Other Side album.

Sounds From The Other Side

Below is what Rolling Stone had to say about one of Afrobeat’s finest acts. Do you think Wizkid is representing and upholding Africa’s sound in the global music mainstream?

Read full article here.

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Mr Eazi Is Apple Music’s Newest ‘Up Next’ Artist: Zaga Dat!

Apple Music Newest

Mr Eazi Is Apple Music’s Newest ‘Up Next’ Artist: Zaga Dat!

Nigeria’s Mr. Eazi, and a Ghanaian-based performer, is Apple Music’s Newest ‘Up Next’ Artist, the music streaming platform’s emerging artist franchise. The announcement arrives with a new Mr Eazi documentary, a live performance and a Beats 1 interview with Julie Adenuga on Beats 1 Radio.

From Nigeria to the world – Afrobeat continues to blur the sound-boarder.

 Courtesy of Apple Music

Apple Music has announced Nigerian Afrobeat musician, Mr Eazi, as the latest in the streaming service’s emerging artist series.
Up Next: Catch a Vibe – Mr Eazi

Mr. Eazi appeared live on Late Late Show with James Corden on the evening of July 26, and thrilled the audience as he performed hits like “In The Morning,” and “Leg Over.”

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The streaming service (Apple Music) will promote Mr. Eazi’s songs on its playlists and on the iTunes store.

Mr Eazi, born Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade in Port Harcourt, Nigeria before moving to the outskirts of Lagos where he grew up. After high school, he relocated to Ghana, where he attended university in Kumasi, Ghana. Mr Eazi is known for his Banku signature sound, which fuses elements of music from both Nigeria and Ghana.

Mr Eazi released his Life Is Eazi, Vol. 1 – Accra to Lagos EP in February 2017.

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Nigerian-American Rapper Tyler the Creator Releases New Album ‘Flower Boy’

tyler Flower Boy

Born, Tyler Gregory Okonma, better known by his stage name Tyler, The Creator, is an American-Nigerian rapper, record producer, and music video director. Tyler was born in Ladera Heights, California, to a Nigerian father and a mother of African-American and white Canadian descent.

Tyler’s sincere and most accomplished album.

Including features from A$AP Rocky, Frank Ocean, Roy Ayers and more.

Tyler The Creator
Kevin Winter, Getty Images 

Tyler the Creator continues to blossom on Flower Boy, his fourth studio album, two years after Cherry Bomb album. The 13-track set contains collaborations with Lil Wayne, A$AP Rocky, Jaden Smith, Roy Ayers, and Kali Uchis. There is also two songs with Frank Ocean, one of which, “911 / Mr. Lonely,” came out as a pre-release single. Ahead of the official album release, Tyler debuted several singles, including “Who Dat Boy” featuring A$AP Rocky, “911/Mr. Lonely” featuring Frank Ocean, Steve Lacy, and Anna of the North, and this week’s “I Ain’t Got Time!”

Catch Tyler performing his new material at the 6th Annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival on Oct. 28 and 29 in Los Angeles.

Listen to Flower Boy below.


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Listen To French Montana’s New Album: Jungle Rules

french montana jungle rules

Listen To French Montana’s New Album: Jungle Rules

French Montana’s new album is finally out. Morocco’s French Montana has finally dropped Jungle Rules, his first album since his 2013 debut Excuse My French. Jungle Rules comes following the success of the Swae Lee-featuring “Unforgettable,” French’s highest charting single as a lead artist, peaking at No. 10 on the Hot 100.

French Montana is out to rule

french montana's new album

Jungle Rules features a slew of his famous friends, including Swae Lee with the top 10 smash (“Unforgettable”), Pharrell (“Bring Dem Things”), and The Weeknd and Max B (“A Lie”).  Other guests on the 18-track set include Future, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Quavo, T.I., and Chinx.

Wildout with French Montana on Jungle Rules below.

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