The Must Visit Museums in KwaZulu-Natal

African Museums | The Must Visit Museums in KwaZulu-Natal

Kwazulu-Natal, a coastal province in South Africa also known as the garden province is a ravishingly beautiful tropical land spread across the shore lines of the Indian Ocean. It is known to be one of the most populous provinces in South Africa laced with beaches, mountains and Savannahs. Continent of Africa houses dozens of African museums and galleries that contain priceless works of African art and history. The cultures, traditions and heritage of the Kwazulu-Natal people are best to be found at the museums situated in the stunning province of Kwazulu with available guides who happen to have full details about each items in the museums. From the Kwazulu-Natal Museum and Ladysmith Siege Museum to Talana Museum, here are 10 African museums in Kwazulu-Natal that are worth a visit.

Kwazulu-Natal Museum

African Museums | Kwazulu-Natal Museum
Kwazulu-Natal Museum – © drsharona/instagram

This is one of the only five national museums in South Africa which is known to exhibit detailed interesting works of art from the history of the Kwazulu-Natal clan to that of South Africa as a whole. It also happens to be one of the most visited tourist centers in Kwazulu-Natal as a result of it’s collections of an array of rich wildlife ranging from dinosaurs to elephants, insects and birds of various kinds. The museum is well visited by children as it specializes in various educative exhibits which young kids and teenagers find most interesting. Temporary exhibitions and happenings also take place at the museum which makes it being flooded by even more tourists and the museum also opened an impressive exhibiton on the soccer World Cup in May, 2010.

Himeville Museum

African Museums | Museums in KwaZulu-Natal: Himeville Museum
Himeville Museum – © houchin_pouchin/instagram

This Museum is located in the small town of Himeville which is nestled in the heart of Kwazulu Natal and enjoys a the magnificent view of Drakensberg mountains which lies behind the little town. The Himeville museum which was originally a fort was built in 1899 and KS known to feature various items ranging from fossils and artifacts to African bead works. The museum has various rooms which depicts life in various pastel years as the Boer war, the two world wars and the and times of the Himeville people in the earlier times.

Talana Museum

African Museums | Museums in KwaZulu-Natal: Talana Museum
Talana Museum – © John Robert McNally/flickr

The name Talana is a word in Zulu language which means “the shelf where precious items are stored” and this simply relates to the amount of precious works of art and artifacts stored in the Talana museum. The museum which is built on the actual Talana battlefield at the base of Talana Hill is home to different interesting works of ancient which relates the history and happenings of the Talana people in the past. Tourists and visitors are being taken on educative tours around the museum in other to absorb the impact of the ‘Boer’ (Farmer), British and Zulu combat legacy, by well informed guides. The also has a restaurant which serves visiting tourists array of delicious delicacies and refreshments at very affordable prices while they’re on tour of the museum. Various uniforms, weapons, photographs and artifacts are exhibited at the museum as well so as to depict consistent war between the Brit, Zulu and Boer during the old times.

Tatham Museum

African Museums | Museums in KwaZulu-Natal: Tatham Museum
Tatham Museum – © Guillaume Cingal/flickr

Tatham Museum which is located in Pietermaritzburg is dated back to 1903 and was established by Mrs Ada Tathum. The museum serves the Msundizi people through the available visual arts at the museum while most of it’s South African works focuses more on Kwazulu Natal. The museum also exhibits various works of art ranging from a collection of significant French and British art works from the 18th century. The ground floor house abstract depictions of South Africa’s people and street scenes while the top floor is home to portraits, sculptures and beautiful displays of ceramics.

Bergtheil Museum

African Museums | Museums in KwaZulu-Natal: Bergtheil Museum
Bergtheil Museum – © eilers-media

Bergtheil Museum which is situated around a beautiful park was named after Jonas Bergtheil who was the director of the Natal Cotton company which is a significant part of the history of the Kwazulu people. The museum houses various works of art relating to the history of this part of South Africa such as collections of documents, photographs and artifacts. The building which was declared a National monument in 1983 focuses on the 1848 German settlers Jonas Bergtheil brought to Kwazulu Natal.

Luthuli Museum

African Museums | Museums in KwaZulu-Natal: Luthali Museum
Luthali Museum – © Niall McNulty/flickr

This monument is specially dedicated to those who fought for the freedom and peace of their nation with everything they had, sacrificing their lives and reputations. It is known to exhibit collections of photographs, newspapers and mementos of the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Phansi Museum

African Museums | Museums in KwaZulu-Natal: Phansi Museum
Phansi Museum – © T. Michelle/flickr

This cultural monument houses some of the finest collections of African works of art such as beadwork, snuff containers, earplugs and so many other items. The museum which sells some contemporary and traditional South African arts and crafts is being governed by the Phansi Museum Trust, a non profit organization.

Fort Amiel Museum

African Museums | Museums in KwaZulu-Natal: Fort Amiel Museum
Fort Amiel Museum – © Viresh Mahabeer/flickr

Fort Amiel Museum is a monument in Kwazulu Natal which was originally built as a fort and lookout post for the British by Major Charles Frederick Amiel in 1876. The monument is now home to items of art and also exhibits historical events such as the two Anglo boer wars and a reconstruction of the British army base amongst other significant events and happenings in the history of South Africa.

Ladysmith Siege Museum

African Museums | Museums in KwaZulu-Natal: Ladysmith Siege Museum
Ladysmith Siege Museum – © John Steedman/flickr

This Museum was built in 1884 and served as a ration post for civilians before it was later transformed into a monument in 1985. It is one of the many Anglo Boer war museums in the world which most of it’s collections depicts life and the happenings during the seige. It paints a picture of the whole seige times into life with the use of black and white photographs, electronic mapping and documents from the past.

KwaMuhle Museum

African Museums | Museums in KwaZulu-Natal: KwaMuhle Museum
KwaMuhle Museum – © Richard Powell/flickr

This was once the headquarters of the city of Durban’s infamous Native Administration department. The museum is known to reflect Durban’s urban growth and the history of it’s residents during the apartheid era.

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Most Beautiful Beaches in Alexandria, Egypt

African Beaches | Most Beautiful Beaches in Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria is one beautiful city known to be one of the powerful cities of the ancient times and second to Rome, which has is packed with lots of interesting tourist attractions and destinations from ancient Greek and Roman remains to mosques with jaw dropping architectural structures, forts and museums housing various archaeological findings relating to the history of Alexandria and Egypt as a whole. Asides being a major economic center and a land filled with ancient history, Alexandria is known to have some of the most exquisite beaches in Egypt where tourists and locals could head down to for relaxing time with friends and family. Looking to soak up the sea breeze? With this African Beaches guide, we explore the best and most beautiful beaches in Alexandria, Egypt. From Abu Qir Beach to Mamoura Beach, here’s our pick of Alexandria’s best beaches.

Cleopatra Beach

African Beaches | Most Beautiful Beaches in Alexandria: Cleopatra Beach
Cleopatra Beach – © ak_mardini/flickr

This vast clear beach lies on the Mediterranean right along the north coast of Egypt and it is said that Cleopatra used to make her way up the coast to this particular beach so as to visit a cave tucked close to the beach. Cleopatra beach is a must visit for tourists as it is exquisitely beautiful and suitable for a relaxing getaway from everyday hustle and bustle. However, tourists are advices to be careful when visiting the beach as it is laced with rocks which are often swept across the ocean by the waves. Families can have a quiet picnic while resetting and recharging their and kids could run around the shores and also engage on climbing the rocks around the beach.

Four Seasons Beach Resorts

African Beaches | Most Beautiful Beaches in Alexandria: Four Seasons Beach Resorts
Four Seasons Beach Resorts – ©

The best place to experience the true essence of the glamorous Alexandrian summer and warmth of early fall is none other than this gorgeous resort nestled in the city of Alex. This beach offers some of the most unforgettable services to it’s visitors from mouthwatering continental dishes to refreshing beverages and cabanas which simply overlooks the Mediterranean. Tourists and visitilors can get to bask in the sunlight, unwind in the summer breeze and savour the rich Alexandrian flavours. The resort also has a designated section for kids where they can play around and have some fun on the playground.

Abu Qir Beach

African Beaches | Most Beautiful Beaches in Alexandria: Abu Qir Beach
Abu Qir Beach – © samar fouad/flickr

This may not be a luxurious beach but is one of the places tourists can engage in fishing alongside some of the locals familiar with the waves of the Mediterranean and each catch from ocean can be cooked for tourists at a very affordable rate by the locals on the shores of the beach. Abu Qir beach which is located on a small fishing village within Alexandria is known to be flocked by scuba divers and is suitable for a quick dip in the ocean for a few minutes of swimming and also suitable for a meal of fresh seafood.

Bianchi Beach

African Beaches | Most Beautiful Beaches in Alexandria: Bianchi Beach
Bianchi Beach – © bianchieg/instagram

A perfect summer getaway spot laced with soft white sand and Chrystal blue water and waves known to be calm on most occasions, bianchi beach is no doubt a paradise like place. Bianchi Beach which is nestled on a hand-picked community is said to be the best testament of genuine summer retreats best for family and friends. It is a very popular tourist attraction in Alexandria.

Mamoura Beach

African Beaches | Most Beautiful Beaches in Alexandria: Mamoura Beach
Mamoura Beach – © mrahmedfathy/flickr

This is the perfect spot for a family vacation with a quiet and beautiful scenery which sets the soul on reset mode. The beach happens to be very sandy, and the sand stretches about 20 metres into the sea. The locals on Maamoura beach are very hospitable and restaurants out there serve some of the most excellent cuisines. This is one of the most popular beaches in Alexandria

Mersa Matrouh Beach

African Beaches | Most Beautiful Beaches in Alexandria: Mersa Matrouh Beach
Mersa Matrouh Beach – © Asith Mohan Mangalore/flickr

This beach is pretty close to an ancient spring which has dried up and left behind a trail of rocky structures. It is suitable for cyclists as it is vast and wide; the beach itself offers some bicycles for hire to interested tourists and visitors. It’s a good place for an afternoon swim while the sun is out.

Aida Beach

African Beaches | Most Beautiful Beaches in Alexandria: Aida Beach
Aida Beach – © Noona Badr/pinterest

This fairly long sandy beach is located on the north side of Alexandria right on the shores of the Mediterranean. The beach which is surrounded with vibrantly beautiful palm trees enjoys the constant waves sent from the seas right down to the shores of the beach and provides a pleasant chill to those on the beach. Cabanas and bars are available on the beach where visitors get to relax and enjoy wide range of cuisines and beverages.

Helnan Palestine Beach

African Beaches | Most Beautiful Beaches in Alexandria: Helnan Palestine Beach
Helnan Palestine Beach – © larisa.baste/flickr

This is one of the most comfortable beaches for western women to strip into swim suits for a quick dip in the seas; other beaches in Alexandria are mostly flocked by covered Muslims who do not witness women going out half naked for a bath. On the shores are cabanas where tourists and visitors can lay down and soak up the unfiltered tropical sun on the beach.

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The 7 Best Places to Visit in Algeria

Africa Travel Guide | The 7 Best Places to Visit in Algeria

Algeria, a nation known for it’s grand architectural structures, a warm welcoming people with interesting cultures; is the biggest nation on the African continent and the 10th largest country in the world. It enjoys the Mediterranean sea on it’s northern coast while on the south, it goes deep into ever hot the Sahara.Though it has had it’s fair of tough times in the past from serious wars and violent attacks, Algeria today is one of the visited nations on the African continent as a result of it’s different tourists sites and attractions which has millions of visitors traveling into it’s soil from with the African continent and abroad yearly.

Some of the most attractive tourist sites in the nation which has tourists rushing in for an experience are Beni Hammad Fort, El Kala National Park, Palais des Rais and a whole lot of other sites. This our exciting Africa travel guide to help you discover the 7 best places to visit in Algeria.

Ahaggar National Park

Africa Travel Guide | Best Places to Visit in Algeria: Ahaggar National Park
Ahaggar National Park – © Omar Branine/flickr

Ahaggar National Park is known to be one of the largest national parks in the world with an area of about 450,000 square kilometers and 2,000 kilometers distant from the Mediterranean sea;  Ahaggar national park is home to different wildlife as well as the last remaining Saharan cheetahs. The park which barely witnesses rainfalls annually also includes the jagged volcanic rocks of the ahaggar mountains.

El Kala National Park

Africa Travel Guide | Best Places to Visit in Algeria: El Kala National Park
El Kala National Park – © El-Kala News/flickr

This is the ideal place for lovers of all things aqua life which was established in 1983. The park boasts of mosaic forests, ocean dunes and lakes which gives it a high biological value. El kala park which is one of the biggest national parks in Algeria visited by more than 30,000 tourists annually, is home to a unique ecosystem protecting a wide range of Flora and fauna endemics recorded to be more than 300 species in total.

Notre-Dame d’Afrique

Africa Travel Guide | Best Places to Visit in Algeria: Notre-Dame d'Afrique
Notre-Dame d’Afrique – ©  xpixelsign/flickr

Notre-Dame d’Afrique is a 19th century Roman Catholic Church located on a cliff which overlooking the Bay of Algiers, the capital of Algeria. The church also known as “Our lady of Africa” catholic basilica took fourteen years to complete and was inaugurated in 1872. The basilica had 46 stained glass windows installed during it’s construction but was demolished twice during a bomb attack in the city. It later got reconstructed in 2003 with over 5.1 million euros in total.

Beni Hammad Fort

Africa Travel Guide | Best Places to Visit in Algeria: Beni Hammad Fort
Beni Hammad Fort – © thanostravels/instagram

This is a lovely historical site also known as Al Qal’a of Beni Hammad located in a mountainous setting of exquisite beauty on the southern part of Djebel Maadid. The Qal’a which comprises of 7km of partially dismantled fortified walls, monumental vestiges and a series of palaces with impressive architectural structures. It was found in the 11th century by the son of Bologhine (founder of Algiers) “Hammad” and abandoned in 1090 after an Hilalian invasion. The fort enjoys a view of powerful mountains, clear blue skies and lush nature.

Jardin d’Essai du Hamma

Africa Travel Guide | Best Places to Visit in Algeria: Jardin d'Essai du Hamma
Jardin d’Essai du Hamma – © Brahim Ait-ouarab/flickr

Jardin d’Essai du Hamma is grand botanical garden with the most lush palm trees and fountain, established in 1832 right in the heart of Algiers, the capital of Algeria. The historical garden is one of the most beautiful places both visitors and locals can relax and share wonderful moments with their loved ones. It consists of a museum and zoo with different animals.

Museum of Antiquities

Africa Travel Guide | Best Places to Visit in Algeria: Museum of Antiquities
Museum of Antiquities – © med_benkrouidem/instagram

This is one of the best places to get detailed insights into the rich history of the Algerian people as each antique would take you on a trip back in time. Though most of the antiques and other items in the museum are captioned in French and Arabic, available guides are always very ready to provide accurate translations to each items. A section of the museum is dedicated to prehistoric Islamic antiquities with some of the most amazing mosaics and statutes while the other section would take you back to the Roman times in Algiers.

Bardo National Museum

Africa Travel Guide | Best Places to Visit in Algeria: Bardo National Museum
Bardo National Museum – © amirahamooorah/instagram

This is museum predominantly ethnography and prehistoric focused with a grand architectural structure. Each collection of items within the monument are well displayed both with videos, models, excellent diagrams and information panels. Also within the grounds of the monument is an Ottoman-era palace of courtyards, fountains and sub-tropical gardens. The museum is home to lots of fossils, neolithic pottery as well as rock carvings.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Namibia

Africa Travel Guide | 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Namibia

Africa Travel Guide: Exploring Africa? Then visit Namibia, and here are 10 reasons why Namibia should be on your list of places to visit. For such a small country in southwest Africa, Namibia is well packed. With jaw-droppingly beautiful landscapes, iconic wildlife and stunning beaches, Namibia should be in everyone’s must-visit bucket list. In need of ideas for your next safari vacation? These are 10 reasons travel guide why you need to book Namibia as your next holiday destination!


Africa Travel Guide | 10 Reasons to Visit Namibia: Sossusvlei Desert
Sossusvlei Desert, Namibia. © A_smolen/Instagram

Namibia boasts of the most amazing landscapes in Africa which is definitely every photographers wet dream and every tourists attraction. Out of the varied amount, we have: the Fish River Canyon which is located in the south of Namibia and is the largest canyon in Africa; the Sossuvlei which is located in the Namib-Naukluft National Park of Namibia with its vast land covered with clay and salt and other minerals usually shining white under the sun; Etosha National Park which is a classic safari with rare sightings of wildlife; and the Damaraland, amongst others, which has a desert scenery and is home to rhinos, desert elephants, lions, antelope species and many more.


Visit Namibia: Namibian Institute of Culinary Education
Namibian Institute of Culinary Education – © NICE

The Namibian Institute of Culinary Education (NICE), is a chef finishing and hospitality training school, which apart from being able to try out never seen or tasted before dishes by chefs; both professional and beginners, offers live music, has a dance club, a wine bar, has conference facilities, hospitality school and restaurant.


Visit Namibia: National Art Gallery of Namibia
Metal and stone sculpture by Ismael Shivute and Saima Iita, titled ‘Why’ outside the National Art Gallery of Namibia. © nagn_namibia/instagram

Namibia is a country that appreciates art as being part of what makes their nation’s history. Founded in 1990, the state owned National Art Gallery of Namibia has maintained its aim of being a space and has contributed to hosting exhibitions, appreciation of arts in Namibia, acquisition of precious art pieces, conservation of existing artifacts and the preservation and research of visual art and craft. It is one space dedicated to maintain a link between ancient and contemporary art. There is also the College of Arts which was founded in 1971 and is home to trained and beginning artists, giving them the resources and mentorship and training they need to embark on art as a form of lifestyle and as a career.


Safari Vacation: Namib Desert
Namib Desert – © mariusz kluzniak/flickr

The deserts in Namibia is also one not to miss. Namibia is home to the really popular Namib desert which stretches far along Angola, Namibia and South Africa and is home to landmarks like Namib-Naukluft National Park, Naukluft Mountains, Skeleton Coast, Spitzkoppe, Sossuvlei, Deadvlei and Sperrgebiet and also rivers like Cunene River, Orange River, Olifants River, Kuiseb River and Tsauchab. The desert also boasts of having the second largest sand dunes in the world after Badain Jaran Desert dunes in China. Namibia is also home to the Kalahari Desert which is a fossil desert and not considered a real desert because of the constant rain it receives.

Game Reserves

Safari Vacation: Bwabwata National Park
Bwabwata National Park – © erozgen/instagram

Game Reserves also occupy a vast part of Namibia which are available to add pleasure to every tourists experience. Amongst a lot, there are reserves like the Bwabwata National Park which occupies antelope species, giraffes, elephants and also human residents; the Kaokoland which has a spectacular desert scenery and is home to desert elephants, amongst others; and the Zambezi region which contains multiple parks, and animals.


Places to Visit: The Dragon's Breath Cave
The Dragon’s Breath Cave – © melissa_guerpo/instagram

The Dragon’s Breath Cave specifically in Otjozondjupa, holds the world’s largest underground lake which was discovered in 1986, and has clear water and is home to white shrimp and worm-like creatures.

Small Population

Namibia with it’s population being almost 3 million and its vast land is considered to be safe and crowd free and is therefore a perfect refuge for tourists and vacationers.

Sea Animals and History

Places to Visit: Namibia's National Marine Aquarium
Namibia’s National Marine Aquarium – © brunosshowergel/instagram

If you are a lover of chill spots, sea animals and history, you would fall in love with Namibia’s National Marine Aquarium and her museums like Nakambale Museum, Owela Museum, TransNamib Museum, Damara Living Museum, Tsumeb Museum, amongst others.


10 Reasons to Visit Namibia: Etosha National Park
Variety of wildlife on show at Etosha National Park. © letzte_runde/instagram

Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary is home to endangered wildlife species. This sanctuary is to conserve animals (wildlife) and also Namibia’s land and culture. The Sanctuary is home to the Puku, Wildebeest, Cheetah, Honey Badger, African Wild Dog, Leopard, Roan Antelope, Aardwolf, and many others.

Okaukuejo waterhole

10 Reasons to Visit Namibia: Okaukuejo waterhole
Impala at the Okaukuejo waterhole. © Ericmarintzer/Instagram

Okaukuejo waterhole is a tourist attraction site not to miss with it’s daily activity of having animals go in groups to quench their thrist which is always a spectacle to behold. Apart from the waterhole, the Okaukuejo Camp is offered for lodging and allows residents to experience the waterhole at night when it gets floodlit.

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5 Most Colourful Capital Cities in Africa

Africa Tourism. Beautiful Cities in Africa

Africa Tourism: Africa is no doubt one of the most gorgeous and beautiful in the world, with different magical countries that has various rich cultures, ethics, tranquil parks and so much more. African Nations have gone through the most harsh times in the past and still sprung back up, joining the rest of the world in the race of being the best and playing their parts in making the world a better place. The continent Africa is one of the most visited places in the world as a result of it’s natural resources, stunning landscapes, iconic wildlife and even it’s beautiful ancient sites, waterfalls and so many others. We’ve selected a few from the most popular and beautiful African cities which attracts the most tourists on the African continent. Best cities in Africa: here is a list of 5 most colourful capital cities in Africa.


Africa Tourism. Capital Cities in Africa
Rabat, Morocco – © YoTuT/flickr

This small enchanted city is Morocco’s capital and it gently lies very close to the mouth of River Bou Regreg. The city also has one of the most populous landmarks in Morocco which is the Kasbah edifice which was built in the 12th century during the reign of the Almohad Caliphate, and iS surrounded by unspoilt public beaches and a fairytale feel to it. The city is magically beautiful with the most welcoming and amazingly friendly people.


Africa Tourism. Capital Cities in Africa
© SkyscraperCity

This is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria which replaced one of the most popular cities in Africa as the capital of Nigeria back in December 1991. Abuja which is one of the wealthiest cities in Africa is surrounded by so many side lovely places and attraction such as the millennium park, Zuma rock, Nike art gallery and so many others. Abuja is easily among the best cities in Africa.


Africa Tourism. Capital Cities in Africa
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt – © Lo.egypt

The largest city in Africa and 15th largest in the world, Cairo is no doubt one of the most breathtakingly beautiful cities in Africa; and made immerse contribution to Africa tourism. The city which is called “Misr” in Arabic language means “Victorious City” and it is gently located on the banks of River Nile. The city which is filled with lots of tourist attractions such as Cairo tower, Umar Makran Mosque, Pyramid of Djoser is one of the best places to spend quality time either family or friends in Africa. Simply put, Cairo isn’t just one of the best cities in Africa, but also, it is among the most developed cities in Africa


Africa Tourism. Capital Cities in Africa
Dakar Senegal – © Jeff Attaway/flickr

The most populous city in Senegal which is an Atlantic port on Cap Vert peninsula is the largest city in Senegal which is blessed with so much beauty. One of the many interesting places in the city is the House of Slaves and it’s door of no return which houses the history of slave trade on Goree island. The city also has within a couple of tourist attraction centers such as the Cairo tower, Pyramid of Djoser, Egyptian museum and the Tahir square.

Addis Ababa

Africa Tourism. Capital Cities in Africa
Addis Ababa – © George Lessard/flickr

This one beautiful city is Ethiopia’s commercial hub which was established as far back as the 19th century. Addis Ababa which is blessed with various sites of interests is being flooded each year by tourists, such as the sacred mountain “Mount Entoto” which is 3,200 meters above sea level and overlooks the city. It is one of the most colourful Capital cities. Other sites of interest in the city also includes the National museum, Holy Trinity Cathedral amongst others.

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Top 14 Best Tourist Attractions in Addis Ababa

African Tourism. Addis Ababa Best Tourist Attractions

Addis Ababa Best Tourist Attractions – Addis Ababa is Ethiopia’s capital and largest city in the country known for it’s beautiful landscapes, tourist attractions and holiday destinations. Addis Ababa is the commercial and cultural hub of Ethiopia. It is a city full of life. Looking for Addis Ababa travel guide? Here are top 14 of the best tourist attractions in Addis Ababa:

1. Holy Trinity Cathedral

Addis Ababa Tourism
Holy Trinity Cathedral, Addis Ababa – © A.Davey/flickr

Holy Trinity Cathedral is the highest ranking Ethiopian cathedral in Addis Ababa, known to be the second most important place of worship, following after the old church of St. Mary of Zion in Aksum. The Cathedral is home to late Emperor Haile Selassie, and his wife; Empress Menen Asfaw. The Cathedral is a big representation of European history as it houses tombs of the Emperor and Empress, holds artifacts, graves and memorials of ministers killed by the Derg for their opposition in 1974, graves of patriots that fought the Italian Occupation, the tomb of British suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst who also protested Italian Occupation, and the tomb of Meles Zenawi who was the prime minister of Ethiopia till his death in 2012. With its building of granite and stained glass depicting a visual representation of the Old and New Testament, the Cathedral is both beautiful and historical.

2. The National Museum of Ethiopia

Addis Ababa Tourism
National Museum of Ethiopia – © David Stanley/flickr

The National Museum of Ethiopia is one attraction that enchants every individual as it holds artistic treasures with the occupation of fossilized remains of hominids which are great apes, a display of Selam which is said to be 3.3 million years old, art works in chronological order from traditional to contemporary, collection of secular arts and crafts like traditional weapons, jewelry, musical instruments, amongst others, and articles of human history that all represent the ancient and medieval periods in Ethiopia. Visiting this place is one of the best things to do in Ethiopia.

3. Tiglachin Monument

African Tourism
Tiglachin Monument (1984) – © Andrew Moore/flickr

The soviet style Tiglachin Monument is a memorial to Ethiopian and Cuban soldiers which were involved in the Ogaden war.

4. St. George Cathedral

African Tourism
St. George Cathedral – © David Stanley/flickr

St. George Cathedral which is the Ethiopian Orthdox church, is shaped like an octagon, and is beautified by stained glass and works of art by Greek, Armenian and Indian artists; is one attraction that also enlightens on Ethiopia as it houses ecclesiastical items like prayer sticks, holy scrolls, the imperial throne, ceremonial umbrella, the coronation garb of Zewditu and Haile Selassie. The Museum also holds displays of weapons used during the battle of Adwa.

5. Bora Amusement Park

African Tourism
Bora Amusement Park – © thethemeparkguy

The themed Bora Amusement Park, although small, is one attraction to visit with the ferris wheel which gives a view of the Addis Ababa airport, face paint booth, ice cream, pool, merry-go-round and 8-D cinema.

6. Lion of Judah Monument

Best of Addis Ababa
Lion of Judah Monument, Addis Ababa – © davidstanleytravel/flickr

Lion of Judah Monument in Ethiopia is a statue which is a symbol of Ethiopian emperors and Ethiopia. The Monument is situated at the square of Addis Ababa rivalry station and is an important symbol among members of rastafarian movement.

7. Wenchi Crater Lake

Best of Addis Ababa
Wenchi Crater lake, Ethiopia – © Reiner Barczinski/flickr

Wenchi Crater Lake is a stunning landscape and is amazing to be seen from the top of mountains. The Lake also holds lodges and camp sites. It is both beautiful and natural and very picturesque.

8. Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum

Addis Ababa Sightseeing
Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum, Addis Ababa – © Insights Unspoken/flickr

Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum established in 2010 is a memorial to those who died during the Red Terror under the Derg government. The Museum is said to be funded solely by donations from visitors and it showcases a sad chapter in Ethiopian history with displays of torture instruments, skulls and bones, coffins, bloody clothes, photographs of victims.

9. The Bête Maryam Mausoleum

Addis Ababa Sightseeing
Bête Maryam – © wikimapia

The Bête Maryam Mausoleum, located South of Menelik’s palace is popular for holding the tombs of Empress Taytu Betul , Emperor Menelik, Empress Zewditu and Princess Tsehai Haile Selassie.

10. Mausoleum of Menelik II

Addis Ababa Best Tourist Attractions
Mausoleum of Menelik II – © David Francis/flickr

Mausoleum of Menelik II is a great place to visit as it gives a visual experience of the culture and history of Ethiopia and gives a great view of Addis Ababa. The Mausoleum, in the crypt beneath the sanctuary are the tombs of Emperor Menelik II, and the archbishop Matewos of Addis Ababa.

11. Ethnological Museum

Addis Ababa Best Tourist Attractions
Ethnographic Museum Addis Ababa – © cooksipgo

Ethnological Museum in Addis Ababa is regarded as highly educative with the display of Ethiopian diverse cultures both historical and present. The Museum also has a section and showcases the Ethiopian Christian religious art through artifacts and religious paintings. The museum, apart from being educative and splendid is also very organized thus presenting clear depictions of Ethiopian history to visitors.

12. The Simien Mountains National Park

Addis Ababa Best Tourist Attractions
Galada Baboon in Simien Mountains National Park – © Hendriksen/flickr

The Simien Mountains National Park is said to be home to rare animals like the Gelada baboons, and the Walia Ibex, which is a type of goat. The mountains also allows for hiking which offers views of the beautiful landscapes. The park also displays the traditional agriculture of the area.

13. Lake Tana

Addis Ababa Best Tourist Attractions
Lake Tana, Addis Ababa – © adventurelink

Lake Tana which is the source of Blue Nile and the largest lake in Ethiopia is definitely one not to miss with its presentation of old monasteries, old buildings and paintings which can be properly viewed during the boat travel.
At the lake, there is also access to good food, hotels, bars, clubs, great music and nature at its finest.

14. Blue Nile

Addis Ababa Tourism
The Falls of the Blue Nile, Ethiopia – © A.Davey/flickr

Blue Nile Falls is breathtaking. It is said to be the largest waterfall in the world. It brings it’s visitors close to nature, offers views of landscapes, and it is very impressive after the rainy season.
A short distance from the Blue Nile is the first ever stone bridge constructed in Ethiopia.

Top 10 of Tanzania Most Beautiful Towns

tanzania tourism

Tanzania Most Interesting Places: Tanzania is a country located in East Africa and popular for beautiful cultures and wildlife conservation. Tanzania is also home to Serengeti National Park, Kilimanjaro National Park, home to Africa’s tallest mountain and a host of others. Asides exploring the shores of Lake Victoria and nature and wildlife tours, here our Africa travel guide with list of 10 of the most beautiful towns in Tanzania. From Mbeya to Moshi, and to Mwanza, these and others are the best towns and local places to visit whenever you are in the country.

1. Mbeya

tanzania travel
Lake Ngozi – © sara_joachim/flickr

Mbeya which is located in the Southwest Tanzania is one beautiful town best for hiking and forest walking with the town being surrounded by mountains. The towns also homes the Ngozi Crater Lake, Kitulo National Park, Gazelle Safaris which offers nature, wildlife and safaris, the Mbeya park notable for being surrounded by mountains, Mbozi Meteorite which is a notable landmark in Mbeya and the Daraja la Mungu bridge.
The Mbeya town is also notable for its productive system that consists of honey, livestock and rice. The town boasts of 6 restaurants that cater to the appeal of native food and 48 hotels that meets the needs of tourists and foreigners.

2. Moshi

tanzania destinations
MOSHI TANZANIA – © sk107tanz/flickr

Moshi is a Tanzanian town situated in the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. The Moshi rice fields is said to present a great view of the town. Moshi caters to its tourists with the availability of vacation rentals like Dreams Tone, Amans Kilimanjaro Villa, Kili-Konka Holiday Villa, amongst others.
The town boasts of never being a bore for tourists with its numerous activities and attractions of nature and wildlife tours, the kikuletwa hot springs, hiking and camping tours, cultural tours, horse back riding, lava peaks adventures, Materumi waterfalls, lake chala, amongst others.

3. Mwanza

things to do in tanzania
Lake Victoria, Mwanza – © jvanne/flickr

On the shores of Lake Victoria in Nothern Tanzania, is the town Mwanza. One certified thing that makes the town beautiful and a must visit for tourists are the beautiful landmarks the town offers, from Mwaloni market, to the Old German Mansion that provides a great view of the city, to the Robert Kochi Hill, Jiwe Kuu, Bismarck rock, Saa Nane National Park, and the Maasai market, amongst others.

4. Morogoro

Morogoro scenery for nature and wildlife tours
Morogoro scenery – © Adam Jones/flickr

The Eastern Tanzanian town of Morogoro is located at the foot of Uluguru Mountain. The town boasts of 31 affordable and luxury hotels, 8 restaurants that offer soul food and attractions like the Selous Game Reserve, Watu safaris, Chilunga cultural tourism, Kinole Waterfalls, and activities like multi-day tours, cultural tours, hiking and camping tours, and nature and wildlife tours.

5. Musona

Beautiful Towns in Tanzania
Musona, Tanzania – © wikipedia

The town of Musona which is the capital of Mara Region is unique with its touch into foreign delicacies like Indian food and international meals served in Alshaz’s Takeaway coupled with African meals as well. The town is said to have one Cafe called Rehema which apart from offering European coffee also showcases the beauty behind Tanzanian coffee.
The town also offers beauties like the Matvilla Beach which is at the tip of the Peninsula, Mwalimu Julius K Nyerere Museum which was named after the first Tanzanian president, Mara Dishes which offers a large buffet and local pilings, the Mwigobero market which gives access to affordable articles for purchase, German Boma which is a monument of the Colonial times and the Free Park Bar which is also called the Beer Garden.

6. Bukoba

Most Beautiful Towns in Tanzania: Bukoba
Bukoba town – © Abdallah Majid Nassor/flickr

Bukoba which is the capital of Kageara region in Northwestern Tanzania, and is at the Western shore of Lake Victoria, is notable for the endearing warmth of its people. The town is popular for the Bukoba Grill House. The town never has a dull moment as it is filled with islands for viewing pleasure and offers privacy, forests to explore, Kiroyera tours, hicking the rocky highlands, the Kyamunene river waterfalls, caves used by warriors in ancient tribal wars, fishing, Katuruka Heritage Site which preserves the oldest iron-smelting furnace in East, Central and Southern Africa, and the Kagera Museum, amongst others.

7. Babati

Most Beautiful Towns in Tanzania: Babati
Babati, Tanzania ©

The small town of Babati in Babati Urban District of Manyara Region of Tanzania offers attractions like the Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, and the Lake Babati.

8. Tunduma

Africa Travel Guide | Most Beautiful Towns in Tanzania: Tunduma
Tunduma, Tanzania – © Thomas Andersen/flickr

Tunduma in Songwe Region of Tanzania is a town between Tanzania and Zambia. The border town offers exquisite lodging at the Tunduma hotel, Ngorongo Classic Lodge, and the Ukinga Hill Hotel, and activities like botanical excursions to the natural flower garden at Kitulo, hiking and game watching safaris. Tunduma is one of the best places to stay in Tanzania.

9. Stone Town

tanzania travel
Afrikan hotel, Stone Town, Tanzania – © Kartläsarn/flickr

Stone Town located at the Western coast of Unguja is one beautiful town notable for its attractions, landmarks and activities and make for a wonderful experience especially for foreigners. The town houses the Nakupenda Beach, Prison Island, Forodhani Park located at the sea front and offers local food, Tangawizi Spice Farm, Christ Church Cathedral, Darajani Bazaar which is a local fish market, Palace Museum, The Old Fort, Hamamni Persian Baths, Old Dispensary, Mercury House, Hurumzi Henna art gallery, House of Wonders, Shakti Temple, various spas and Kilele Square, amongst others. Stone town is one of the best holiday destinations in Tanzania.

10. Butiama

tanzania tourism
Butiama Beach Lodge, Mafia Island, Tanzania – © Safari Partners/flickr

Butiama, a town in Nothern Tanzania was home to the first president Of Tanzania; Julius Nyerere. The town is home to the Butiama beach on the west coast which was opened in 2010, which also has a resort, and also the Mafia Island.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Ethiopia

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Most Beautiful Towns in Ethiopia: Ethiopia officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is an African country located in the Horn of the continent. It is a popular destination for travelers and tourists. These are the top best towns/cities you should stay or visit whenever you are in the country. Here’s our list of top 10 most beautiful towns in Ethiopia.

1. Bahir Dar

interesting places ethiopia
Barhir Dar – © kartlasarn/flickr

The town of Bahir Dar situated between Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa is one of the leading tourist towns in Ethiopia. The town is home to attractions like Lake Tana, Blue Nile River, the oldest monasteries and churches in the world. Bahir Dar is a town often said to be a natural beauty with river views, colorful flowers scattered around the area and wide streets with palm trees. This is one of the most beautiful towns in Ethiopia.

2. Dire Dawa

beautiful towns in ethiopia
Market, Dire Dawa – © A.Davey/flickr

Dire Dawa town in Ethiopia is beautiful in a very unique and eccentric way. The town is notable for its unique fashion pieces, big stone buildings and is also home to local and crafted vacation rentals suitable for tourists. This is one of the best places to visit in Ethiopia.

3. Axum

ethiopia Tourism
Dungur (Queen of Sheba’s Palace), Axum, Ethiopia – © mikegadd/flickr

Axum which is in the northern part of Ethiopia is a quiet town that offers great views, a fascinating glimpse into Ethiopian history through its Stellae fields, and archeological ruins. The town is also home to the Hill of Gobo Dura, the palace of the queen of Sheba, tombs of kings Kaleb and Gebre Markas, Mausoleum, tomb of brick arches, and the tomb of false door; amongst many others. The town of Axum holds a mystery of ancient humans that is both fascinating to foreigners and keeps the Ethiopian history alive. This is one of the best towns in Ethiopia.

4. Harar

beautiful buildings in ethiopia
Sherif Harar City Museum, Harar – © Joao Leitao/flickr

The Islamic town of Harar is enviable with its beautiful life routine. The towns homes a colorful traditional market, provides tourists with the activity of feeding hyenas outside the city wall, and taking part in traditional coffee ceremonies.
The town of Harar truly represents the culture and traditional history of Ethiopia.

5. Awasa

Ethiopia Travel
Great White Pelican (Lake Awasa, Ethiopia) – © Marta Semu/flickr

Awasa is a beautiful town on the shores of Lake Awasa in the Great Rift Valley. The town is always bubbling with its nightlife consisting of night clubs, bars, and music. The town also offers hotels and vacation rentals.
Awasa also homes attractions like the Lake Awasa, Tewj Yan Tol, amongst others. This is one of the best places to stay in Ethiopia.

6. Gondar

Ethiopia travel
Church of Debra Berhan Selassie, Gondar, Ethiopia – © A.Davey/flickr

The historical town of Gondar, inhabiting the old Imperial Palace is located in Semien Gondar zone of the Amhara Region, north of Tana Lake. The town presents an insight into the history of Jews in Ethiopia and is also home to old stone structures, the Fasilides Bathing Pool, Debre Birhan Selassie church, Ploughshare Women’s Creaft Training Centre where traditional handcrafts can be purchased, Empress Mentewab’s Kuskuam Complex, Fassil Ghebbi, amongst others.

7. Woliso

Beautiful Towns in Ethiopia
Woliso, Ethiopia – © Reiner Barczinski/flickr

Woliso town in Oromia Region is a home of intriguing attractions like Woliso hot water springs, and the town also offers activities like boat trips, hiking, wildlife, and horse backs riding that gives tourists access to the beautiful landmarks in the town.

8. Gambela

Things to do in Ethiopia
Baro River, Gambela Ethiopia – © chrisanderica/pinterest

Gambela in the Anuak zone situated in the confluence of Baro river and Jajjaba is a funfilled town and is home to Ethiopian history with a beauty to behold.
The town is notable for its Gambela National Park on the river bank of Baro which houses wildlife like the buffalo, roan antelope, bush buck, Nile lechwe, warthog, the Ethiopian white whiskered vervet monkey, amongst others. This is a good place for tourists and one of the best places to stay in Ethiopia.

9. Jimma

places to visit ethiopia
Jimma – © CLAUDE SAUBUSSE/flickr

The Jimma town located in south-western Ethiopia, although poor and filled with bad roads, promises beauty with its warm people, cultural attraction and historical sites like the Aba Jifar Palace, amongst others. Jimma is one of the most beautiful towns in Ethiopia.

10. Mek’ele

places to visit ethiopia
Mek’ele, Ethiopia – © dpu-ucl/flickr

In the northern Tigary region of Ethiopia is Mek’ele, home to landmarks, attractions, vacation rentals, hotels, restaurants that offer local dishes and activities like Gheratta Rock, World Sun Ethiopian tours, Derg Bombing Monument (home to victims of the Derg bombing in Hawzien), Martyr’s Memorial (for victims of the Derg governemt), Yohannes IV Museum (Italian designed stone palace built for Emperor Yohannes now turned museum), Black Rose Lounge Bar, Agobo Ethiopia tours done on camel backs, Dallol Ethiopia tours, Lake Assale, amongst others, that displays contemporary Ethiopia and journeys into Ethiopian history. Mek’ele is one of the most beautiful places in Ethiopia.


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6 Helpful Tips for Shopping in Lagos Markets

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Tips for Shopping in Lagos Markets: Shopping in Lagos markets can be tricky especially if you are new in Lagos or have little or no experience in any of the markets. In this post, we are going to give you 6 great tips for shopping in Lagos market successfully.

best markets nigeria
Lekki Market – © shawnleishman/flickr

Make a List

We often times find ourselves regretting a purchase and not being able to take it back, but there is a way to avoid spending more than your budget and that is to make a list of everything your want to buy and carry the exact amount you need. Yes, there are times when the price turns out to be higher than what you bargained for and that brings us to our next tip;

No fixed price

Do not be deceived by the braggy attitude of sellers and them being adamant to stick to their ridiculous price, there is no such thing as a fixed price and there are so many factors that prove just that;

Timing has a major influence on price

You often times find that prices are high and sometimes low, well the time matters, it is best to go when the frustration has reached a maximum, especially when it has been a few hours since open time and not one customer has arrived or when it is almost time to close up and there is a need to get a new loading the next day;

No limited vendor

The no limited vendor factor also influences prices because there is an awareness that once a customer steps away, him/her will most definitely find another vendor with a much relatable price. Now you have found the price that rhymes well with the set price but you really could do with a much lower price but you prefer the new vendor you found;

Slash in half

A lot of people might be scared they would get a beating if they price ridiculously, but not to worry, everyone has a freedom to price in a marketplace, you just might succeed and you might not. Slash the price you get in half and present it to the vendors. One thing to note is that most times, prices are increased 3 times more than the original price which is ridiculous but they will be uncovered.

Everything is never as it seems

Think you found a great price, convinced by their story of how the product came to existence, blown away by their nice but slightly offensive words, moved by their anger towards the price you are offering, moved by their nonchalant attitude when you do not agree with their price? Nothing is as it seems.

Best Cafes in Lagos: 5 Reasons To Visit Subterranea Cafe

Things To Do In Lagos

Best Cafes in Lagos > Subterranean Cafe. The city of Lagos is filled with a bunch of nicely organized relaxation point and this has made the city tagged as where the whole best fun things happens the most in Nigeria. Today, we’ve decided to open your eyes and get you to know one of the amazing spots where you can get to relax and unwind If you are looking for fun things to do in Lagos, visit the Subterranea cafe in the Ilupeju area. This cafe shares the same building as SPAR shopping mall, and it is strategically positioned under a basement right there. This is surely one of the fun places to visit in Lagos, Nigeria.

Lagos Best Cafes
Subterranea Ilupeju, Lagos – © Ofadaa

We always seem to wonder what was going the mind of the founder of Subterranea cafe, because the place is blessed with almost everything a Lagosian or tourist would like to see. Once anyone steps in through the glass doors of the café, the first thing which they notice is the coffee section where Happy Coffee Nigeria serves the best cups of coffee to whoever craves a cup of caffeine. During working hours, most workers do drop by the café while on lunch break to get their body and soul together with cup of the best coffees being served around this part of town.

The bar right in the cafe has the best cognacs as well as ice cold bottles of beer in its possession such as Martel, Jameson whiskey, Heineken amongst others. You can either sit right there on one of the stools at the bar or get a sit on the other parts of cafe.

Best Cafes in Lagos
Subterranea, Ilupeju, Lagos – © ofadaa

Right in this café is a section is where different brands of fashion items are being exhibited in a very eye catching point. Various designs of African inspired T-shirts, snap backs, shoes, kaftans are being hung up to attract the unapologetic shoppers around the cafe, and this makes us think the founder of this spot must have attended a very costly business school to have come up with this amazing idea. You will Nigerian fashions brands like JZO, 24 casual clothing and others.

On the tables of the cafe stands different kinds logical games such as Ludo, Chess, Ayo and Scrabble which customers can play to while away time and also unwind.

Did we forget to mention that there’s also a grill right in the bar where one can grab a bite of the best spicy chicken and asun (assorted meat) for the road.

Subterranea cafe is located at the basement level, 33 town planning way, ilupeju, Lagos, same building as Spar.

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